Our Approach


At Mattson, we believe in the holistic integration of multiple disciplines throughout the entire development process.

We bring our unique food perspective to all projects, large and small, from strategic to tactical.


Innovation is multidimensional and it’s not one-size-fits-all. We know because it’s all we do, all day, every day since 1977.

We don’t force a “stock” process onto your project. We view each project as unique and help chart the appropriate innovation path that gets you to your goal.

We believe that insights drive development. We help our clients identify and learn from their customers– primary grocery shoppers, restaurant operators, or food manufacturers. Our Integrated Consumer Insights expertise is unique because we focus solely on food and beverage and solely on getting new products to market. We are experienced in conducting all types of research— qualitative and quantitative— within every budget.


We are located in the San Francisco Bay Area at the epicenter of food trends, where ethnic food is comfort food, where wine is a part of daily life, and where fresh, local, seasonal food is the way we’ve been eating for centuries.

We believe our team should reflect the unique convergence of culinary excellence and technical aptitude. Our cross-trained chefs help guide the technical development of our food protocepts while our food technologists assure that the culinary work we do is technically feasible at scale.

From the onset, we start formulating with industrial ingredients and simulating a commercial process. This is how we build protocepts that are scalable, not fantastical. We work across all food and beverage categories, technologies, temperature states, and methods of distributions.

Getting a scaled, robust, and financially viable product to market is the only way you’ll meet your business objectives – we understand that.

We make food happen.


It’s easy to create a logo or design a package. It’s hard to motivate people to buy food in a crowded marketplace. There are subtleties around food purchases that don’t translate from other categories. Most buying behavior is transactional; buying food is emotional.

We create impactful, disruptive brands and designs with a food-centric perspective, vertically integrating strategists, food developers, chefs, consumer researchers, and specialized graphic designers into the process.

We strive to create “shelf evident” products because that’s what today’s products need to be to cut through the clutter. We create brands and designs that appeal to consumers’ emotional needs, because purchasing food is more than a financial transaction.

A consumer spends split seconds deciding whether to purchase a food or beverage. Therefore, the more effectively a product speaks from the shelf, the less money you have to spend to promote it, and the more likely you are to get trial.