About the Position

We’re looking for someone to lead and elevate our Integrated Consumer Insights practice. This is a newly-created position.

The ideal candidate is someone who has proposed, designed and personally executed many types of research, including:

  • Complex, comprehensive quantitative studies (usage studies, segmentation, etc.)
  • Strategic opportunity identification through data analysis
  • Ethnographies and other qualitative studies
  • Non-traditional methods for uncovering white space opportunities

The more tools and techniques you’re comfortable with, the better. We are especially interested in tools that leverage technology.

The most important criteria for this position are the ability to analyze research data, identify opportunities, and turn that into actionable strategies for our clients. You need to be able to think creatively and strategically to uncover unspoken insights.  This includes recommending the appropriate insights methodology. It also includes conducting the research, yourself, if and when needed.

From the research you conduct, you will be responsible for identifying new strategic, business, branding, and product opportunities for our clients. You will eventually work with our development teams to cleverly design products that tap into the insights you’ve helped identify.

You should have the ability to give an engaging and energetic insights presentation, as well as develop and write it yourself.

Since we don’t have a formal training program, being able to take the initiative is critically important to your success. If you work best in a structured environment with policies and procedures, this may not be the best fit for you. If you relish the freedom to chart your own course, this will be a dream job.

You must have the flexibility, personality and collaboration skills necessary to work cross-functionally with our creative team, food technologists, chefs, branding and design team, and clients. You must be able to engage in strategic conversations with clients that range from the most inexperienced of start-up founders to the seasoned marketers, researchers, and R&D members within the largest of our multinational clients.

In your first year as a Mattson Insights VP, you will be responsible for managing research projects for clients identified by other Mattson Executives and Innovation Managers. These projects will span the universe of the food industry: from consumer packaged goods to restaurant menu development to everything in-between.

Eventually, you will be responsible for identifying and developing your own new Mattson clients, writing the proposals for engagement, and managing the insights projects you bring in.  You will have a jump-start on success if you come to Mattson with a network of contacts in the food and beverage industry through years of work in it, and attendance at industry events.

Our business is high touch. It is relationship-based. You must be comfortable with one-on-one selling, establishing long-term client relationships, and delivering world-class client and project management.

As part of your job, you’ll need to taste food across the spectrum from ice cream to beef to plant and insect-based proteins, so you must be willing to taste (not necessarily eat) almost everything. Dietary restrictions are not compatible with this job.

The Front End of Innovation

Beyond seeking a leader to oversee and elevate our current Integrated Consumer Insights practice, we’re looking for someone who can bring thought leadership in helping us develop and grow our work in the “front end of innovation.” This requires unique skill in finding opportunity in fuzzy, amorphous spaces – often months, sometimes years, before product development is initiated.

If you are a fit for this role, you’ll be able to explain to us the methods and processes you’ve used in the past to gain insights from consumers (or operators, experts, etc.) to get from a blank sheet of paper to consumer insight, strategy, opportunity, and eventually concepts and products we can develop for our clients.

Food as a Way of Life

We are looking for passionate foodies to join our employee-owned “family.” First and foremost, you must be driven by all things food, especially food innovation. A job at Mattson will immerse you in the world of food. You must be passionate about food and beverage in all shapes and forms. And, while you are willing to taste anything without judgment (or allergy concerns), you have your own passions and loves within the world of food. We want to hear about them. The more you can articulate your passion, the more interested we will be in interviewing you. At Mattson, food is not just our business; it’s our life. We also like to have fun. It’s food, after all!

Qualifications (Please read carefully before applying)

  • 10+ years research and/or quantitative analysis experience or degree.
  • Proven Front End of Innovation insights experience.
  • Project and client management experience.
  • An undergraduate degree in a related field.
  • Work in the CPG and/or foodservice/restaurant industry.
  • Demonstrated creativity in solving problems or business challenges.

Experience That Will Set You Apart

  • Restaurant or grocery operations experience.
  • A graduate degree in a related field.
  • o   15+ years in insights, CPG and/or foodservice/restaurant industry.


The job will be located at our office:

343 Hatch Drive, Foster City, CA 94404

You must be able to travel with advance notice.


Salary, title, and responsibilities will be based upon experience.


Please send your resume with cover letter to


Mattson is an employee-owned company, and Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), providing you the opportunity for profit-sharing.

You can expect a rich package of benefits, including 401K, health, dental, Health Savings Account, Flexible Spending Account, breakfast, lunch, and snacks Monday-Friday in the office, and participation in our ESOP.


Mattson is North America’s most successful independent developer of new foods and beverages for the retail food and chain restaurant industries. Since 1977, we have worked with clients large (i.e., KraftHeinz, Pepsico, ConAgra, General Mills, McDonald’s, Starbucks) and small (popChips, Blue Bottle Coffee, Annie’s, Argo Tea Cafés, Organic Girl, Ripple, Soylent) to help them identify new business and product opportunities, formulate the early prototypes, develop the branding, positioning, and packaging, test them with consumers, and commercialize the winning products in contract manufacturing plants or in our clients’ own facilities.

We are a 60-person, employee-owned company that operates at a lightning-fast pace, which allows our clients to be smarter and quicker in getting new products to market.  We provide hands-on resources to our clients, but more importantly, we provide expertise, insight, and award-winning creativity across food and beverage categories, segments, and channels.

Our 20,000-square foot single location in the San Francisco Bay Area houses a food development lab, consumer research facility, innovation offices, and an on-site pilot manufacturing plant.  

We are looking for passionate foodies to join our employee-owned “family.” First and foremost, you must be driven by all things food, especially food innovation.