Identifying and Creating New Categories


One of the biggest shifts in the American diet over the past 25 years has been a conscious decision to reduce fat intake. This change in consumer nutritional IQ, and its resulting behavioral shifts, had a huge impact on the ground beef category—especially how we prepare and enjoy burgers. We have moved from 20% lean ground beef to as lean as 4%, and have increased consumption of turkey burgers. The result: burgers have become very bland and less juicy. There must be a way to make burgers more flavorful again!


By fully leveraging the incredible ability of More Than Gourmet to create stock concentrates with amazing hedonics, we conceived of a product line to disrupt how Americans prepare billions of burgers each year. Wicked Juicy Burger brings back the real, juicy beef flavor of burgers we enjoyed a generation ago, and for the first time enables consumers to make incredibly delicious turkey burgers. Utilizing all of our capabilities—strategic planning, concept creation, formulation, Integrated Consumer Insights (ICI), naming, and packaging design—a new category was conceived which has increased opportunity for More Than Gourmet.


Wicked Juicy Burger will launch six new SKUs and make its global debut at Natural Products Expo West in March 2016. And burgers will never the be same again.